The Opportunity

Purchasing an Emma Maids franchise is a fantastic business opportunity and you can buy a franchise with a minimal capital investment of $17,500. This low capital investment is a key factor that sets us apart from other franchises in the home cleaning service industry as well as other franchises available for purchase. Also, unlike a restaurant or fitness center franchise that requires you to work nights and weekends, our franchise owners only need to work a normal Monday through Friday 8 am to 5 pm schedule. The President of Emma Maids has more than 40 years of entrepreneurial experience and has developed a business model and cleaning system that can provide a lucrative profit and salary for franchise owners within a few years.
Not only are we an affordable franchise to own we are also an affordable cleaning service for our customers to hire. This is another key factor in our business model that has helped Emma Maids carve out a space in the professional house cleaning service industry.
With over 500 franchise opportunities available, you will be able to own an Emma Maids franchise in almost every City and State in the United States.

The Market

In today’s workplace, most singles, couples, and married adults are now working full time. Their free time is extremely valuable to them and many feel it is not beneficial to spend their free time cleaning their house. They prefer to spend this time being active, social, running errands, or just relaxing at home. The number of people in this category is growing and this is a trend that will continue to grow. Secondly, the disposable income they have for cleaning expenses is also increasing. When both of these treads are added together the market for professional house cleaning service companies becomes substantial. Emma Maids has positioned itself to take advantage of this hot market and our increased sales reflect these growing trends.

The System

Emma Maids professional home cleaning system provides efficient cleaning processes and techniques for our cleaning staff. We set cleaning appointments with our clients Monday through Friday from 9 am to 5 pm and normally send only one professional cleaner per appointment. From our research sending more than one cleaner on an appointment is less efficient in most cases. Savings from these efficiencies can be passed on to the customer.
We offer a comprehensive training and certification program for our staff. As an Emma Maids franchise owner we will also provide you with the training and administrative tools necessary to maximize your success. Regardless of your previous business and franchise experience, our business model, approach to marketing, and cleaning system will help you grow your customer base to ensure you have a successful franchise.

The Fees

Franchise fee: $7,500

Exclusive territory fee: $10,000

Note: Franchise owners should have an additional $10,000 of working capital on hand to cover operational expenses.

An Emma Maids franchise is a “Maid to Order” business opportunity for you. Call us now toll free at 1-844 EMMA MAIDS or email us now at to hear more about this once in a lifetime opportunity!
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We hope you enjoyed reading about the EMMA MAID Franchise Opportunity and hopefully watched some of the film clips from our successful Franchise Owners sharing their experiences. You are now just a few steps away from finding out how you too can join us.

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